Operation specialist

description of job

Nature of work: full time

Job Categories: Operations, Amazon Operations Specialist

1) Responsible for the company's Amazon account management, product shelves, maintenance and optimization of product pages to ensure account stability.

2) Control product risks and develop a reasonable product launch plan.

3) Responsible for amazon market analysis, develop and implement the product development plan for the responsible product category, and complete the new product development goals set by the company.

4) Responsible for handling customer issues, including pre-sales consultation, after-sales maintenance, and proper handling of various disputes, maintaining the favorable rate and credibility of the store.

5) The product's shelves, classification, product information adjustment, replenishment notice and other matters.

Online sales, through a variety of online chat tools or email to answer customer questions, can independently complete pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales work, including online message reply, order processing, arrival tracking, customer complaint handling.

Drain the store, optimize keywords, increase conversion rates, and sell marketing methods such as SNS.

6) Can withstand work pressure and be good at solving various business problems.

Second, qualifications:

1. Requires proficiency in English and good English listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication skills.

2. Proactive, self-motivated talents, passionate, dare to face challenges and break the status quo;

3, have a sense of responsibility, can be strong, can withstand pressure;

4. Familiar with e-commerce and have great interest and enthusiasm for e-commerce;

5, one year Amazon sales experience operators are preferred;

Amazon is the company's newly developed e-commerce platform. We are eager to have passion, execution, leadership and temperament to join our family, and we are looking forward to your promotion!

Third, salary treatment:

1. Excellent treatment: basic salary + bonus + commission, income depends on individual ability and performance;

2. The formal employee company will provide excellent platform and promotion space for development;

3, working hours: double break 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:00


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