11 pcs Resistance Band Set, with 5 Exercise Bands,with Door Anchor,Foam Handles, Ankle Straps and Waterproof Carrying Case - for Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts

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  • Supercharge Your Workouts with Resistance Band Training 

    Five color-coded professional gym quality rubber tube bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination up to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs. of resistance. Each band is 1.2m long and is clearly marked with its equivalent weight - a feature you won’t see on most exercise bands sold. 

    Set includes: 

    Yellow band = 10 lbs. 
    Blue band = 20 lbs. 
    Green band = 35 lbs. 
    Black band = 40lbs. 
    Red band = 50lbs. 
    Two cushioned handles 
    Two ankle straps 
    Door anchor 
    Waterproof Carry Bag 

    Exclusive Items You Won’t Find Anywhere Else (eBooks delivered via email): 

    A Guide to Resistance Band Training 
    A Guide to Get Lean in No Time 
    The Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding 
    Isometric Training: Is it Really Worth it? 

    Strong rubber bands provide consistent resistance for every movement and give you enough flexibility to do hundreds of different exercises from beginner level through advanced. Virtually guarantees you'll never grow bored of your workouts. The included guides will help you in varying your routines and adding new exercises to challenge yourself to grow past your initial comfort levels. 

    Order Your New Set of Resistance Bands Today and Discover the Best Workout of Your Life - Right in Your Own Home.

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