Product Manager / PM

description of job

Nature of work: full time

Job Categories: Product Manager / PM

First, job responsibilities:

description of job:

1. Responsible for the product line of the agent, communicate with the supplier, and complete the product line sales target;

2. Conduct market competition analysis and formulate marketing and sales strategies;

3. Promote and follow up sales staff to sell according to the established strategy;

4. Focus on the promotion and sales of one to three major customers;

5. Market information feedback and planning new products.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. More than two years of experience in electronic parts and IC sales, or more than two years of product promotion experience in the electronic components industry;

3, good self-driving ability, market analysis ability, technical learning ability;

4, English 4 or above and fluent in reading and writing, or fluent in Japanese reading and writing;

5, IC distributors PM work experience or original sales experience is preferred;

6, can independently develop and introduce new product lines;

7, familiar with the power supply and home appliance industry, experience in the chip industry is preferred, led the product line experience;


1. Salary structure: basic salary (6k-20k) + commission (1-2% of sales) + performance bonus (30%-60% of basic salary) + year-end bonus + subsidy;

2. When the new employee joins the job (the next month after the 19th, the purchaser will purchase the social security fund);

3, 5 days working system, enjoy national statutory holidays, paid annual leave and paid sick leave and other holidays;

4. The company has a comprehensive job training mechanism and a good career promotion opportunity to build a good promotion channel for each employee;

5, employees can bring their own meals, the company has a refrigerator, microwave oven;

6, the company's convenient transportation, fully air-conditioned office environment, working atmosphere is comfortable and harmonious;

7. The company organizes group outdoor activities such as gatherings, mountain climbing, birthday party meetings, and playing badminton from time to time to enrich employees' spare time;

8, other benefits: work meal subsidies, holiday benefits, monthly activities, etc.


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